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  • 3M uses “surge capacity” to meet increasing demands for N95 respirator masks

    on: April 01 ,2020 In: 3M/N95 Respirator Masks/Surge Capacity

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  • Global Trade at risk of disruption as countries take nationalistic approaches

    on: April 01 ,2020 In: Food Supplies/Global Trade/Global Trade Disruption/Hoarding/Nationalistic Approaches/Protectionist Policies

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  • Steady Increase of Cambodia’s Yellow Banana Exports

    on: April 01 ,2020 In: Banana/Cambodia/China/Demand/Exports/Japan/Vietnam

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  • Logfresh Preservative Card Keeps Fruits and Vegetables Fresh for Longer and Leaves No Residue Within the Product

    on: March 31 ,2020 In: Fresh Produce/Fruits/Logfresh Preservative Card/Preservative/Vegetables

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  • India Request Its FTA Partners to Temporarily Allow Imports Without a Certificate of Origin

    on: March 31 ,2020 In: Certificate of Origin/COVID-19 Pandemic/FTA Partners/India/Sri Lanka

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  • Coronavirus triggers collapse in garment industry demand, putting jobs in Asia at risk

    on: March 31 ,2020 In: Asia/Bangladesh/Cambodia/China/Garment Sector/Retail

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