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  • Drop in tomato production in the EU while imports increase

    on: July 14 ,2020 In: European Union/Poland/Spain/Tomato/Vegetables

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  • Tomato prices skyrocket as rains destroy crops

    on: July 13 ,2020 In: India/Price Spike/Vegetables

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  • Pandemic’s effect on global seafood industry demand and pricing will be long-lasting, report says

    on: July 08 ,2020 In: COVID-19 Pandemic/Global Trade/Seafood/Seafood Sector

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  • Weakened Demand at Stores Signals More Trouble for Garment Suppliers

    on: July 07 ,2020 In: Clothing Sector/COVID-19 Pandemic/Garment Sector

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  • Big Oil confronts possibility of terminal demand decline

    on: July 06 ,2020 In: COVID-19 Pandemic/Oil

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  • Are consumers more interested in eating local?

    on: July 03 ,2020 In: COVID-19 Pandemic/Demand/Food

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