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  • India set to its local production of pharmaceutical ingredients

    on: April 16 ,2020 In: China/COVID-19 Pandemic/India/Pharmaceutical Products

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  • IMF sees Asia Pacific economic growth at standstill in 2020

    on: April 16 ,2020 In: Asia/Asia Pacific/China/Economic Growth/IMF/India

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  • China and Nepal agree on cross-border supply of goods

    on: April 16 ,2020 In: China/COVID-19 Pandemic/Logistics/Nepal

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  • Demand for frozen foods and freezers spike in Singapore

    on: April 16 ,2020 In: COVID-19 Pandemic/Freezer/Frozen Food/Singapore/Work from Home/Working from Home

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  • Vietnam, one of the largest corn buyers in the world, has seen corn demand fall by 13.2%

    on: April 15 ,2020 In: Argentina/Brazil/Corn/COVID-19 Pandemic/Imports/Pork Industry/Vietnam

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  • Indian Customs Introduces Paperless Customs Clearance and Online Submission of Documents

    on: April 15 ,2020 In: Customs/Customs Clearance/India

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