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  • Coco production under pressure due to COVID-19 outbreak

    on: April 10 ,2020 In: Coco Substrates/COVID-19 Pandemic/India/Sri Lanka

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  • Japan sets aside ¥243.5 billion to help firms shift production out of China

    on: April 10 ,2020 In: Bilateral Trade/China/Japan/Manufacturing Sector

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  • Labour shortage to delay crop harvest in India

    on: April 10 ,2020 In: Agriculture/COVID-19 Pandemic/India/Labour Shortages

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  • Lower production, delayed imports will further tighten sugar supply

    on: April 10 ,2020 In: COVID-19 Pandemic/Indonesia/Sugar

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  • UAE produces 70 types of vegetables and fruits, competes globally

    on: April 10 ,2020 In: Fresh Produce/Fruits/UAE/United Arab Emirates/Vegetables

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  • International Rice Prices Continue to Increase

    on: April 09 ,2020 In: Exports/India/Rice/Thailand/Vietnam

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