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  • Gem & jewellery industry urges govt. to set-up quota system for gold imports

    on: April 23 ,2018 In: Exports/Gold

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  • Japan likely to restrict Sri Lankan tea imports

    on: April 20 ,2018 In: Exports/Japan/Tea

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  • Effective promotions can increase gem and jewellery export revenue

    on: April 20 ,2018 In: Exports/Gems & Jewellery

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  • New quadricyles to discourage people from buying more three-wheelers

    on: April 20 ,2018 In: Developing News

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  • China imposes anti-dumping deposits on US sorghum

    on: April 19 ,2018 In: China/Developing News/USA

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  • “The multilateral trade system has transformed our world over the past generation”

    on: April 17 ,2018 In: Exports/Imports/Trade Balance

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