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  • Fruit, vegetable exports to Thailand rocket by over 300% in Q1

    on: April 28 ,2020 In: Bilateral Trade/Fresh Produce/Fruits/Thailand/Vegetables/Vietnam

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  • Chinese ginger supply is significantly smaller than last year

    on: April 28 ,2020 In: China/COVID-19 Pandemic/Food Supply Chain/Ginger

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  • Italian apples gain access to the Thai market

    on: April 28 ,2020 In: Apples/Bilateral Trade/Italy/Thailand

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  • Fresh potatoes for retail market in the US see surge in demand

    on: April 28 ,2020 In: COVID-19 Pandemic/Demand/Potato/United States/US/USA

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  • Chinese demand for soybean remains robust

    on: April 27 ,2020 In: China/Soybean

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  • Millions of Chickens Destroyed In Iran For Lack Of Demand and Shortage of Feed

    on: April 27 ,2020 In: Chicken/COVID-19 Pandemic/Iran/Poultry

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