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  • Heatwave in Israel causes millions in damage to crops

    on: June 03 ,2020 In: Agriculture/Heatwave

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  • Japan: Imported fruits becoming scarce as lockdowns abroad hurt harvests

    on: June 02 ,2020 In: Banana/COVID-19 Pandemic/Fruits/Japan/Mango

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  • No annual growth target for virus-hit China, a first in years

    on: June 01 ,2020 In: China/COVID-19 Pandemic/Economy

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  • Pepper market returns to normal after March and April craze

    on: May 29 ,2020 In: COVID-19 Pandemic/Fruits/Vegetables

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  • Kenya: Herb growers notice blow to exports due to COVID-19

    on: May 28 ,2020 In: COVID-19 Pandemic/Herbs/Kenya

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  • Ontario fruit growers adapt to labour challenges

    on: May 27 ,2020 In: Agriculture/Canada/COVID-19 Pandemic/Labour Shortages

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